Saturday, July 26, 2008

TR2N Trailer Tron 2 Better Version

TR2N - Tron 2Thanks to the hard work of a video genius we now have a better version of the trailer of TR2N, aka TRON 2:

Tron 2 Trailer

This new Tron 2 trailer convinces me more that this science fiction movie is going to be great! How marvelous are those light cycles!


Filmstalker said...

Yeah, that'll be Steve, one of my readers who took the footage I first posted and cleaned it up for us. Credit where credit is due.

It does look fantastic.

Tron 2 Trailer said...

Talking about credit should go cry your story with Disney maybe...

Besides embedding the better video of TR2N trailer is like putting a backlink.

So the genius genchang2112 who reworked the bootleg of Tron 2 Trailer (TR2N trailer) was already acknowledged.

Or are you autopromoting your site?

Anonymous said...

tron 2 trailer ... you are completely incoherent.

trailer quality is garbage, movie looks pretty nifty.

Filmstalker said...

Yeah, I'm lost by that comment too.