Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pineapple Express Paper Planes M.I.A Trailer

Pineapple ExpressThe official PG-13 trailer of Pineapple Express is available at:

Pineapple Express Official Trailer

I love the song used for this Pineapple Express trailer. It is Paper Plane by M.I.A. Let's listen to it again:

M.I.A. is the daughter of a Tamil terrorist. She fled from Sri Lanka to England with her mother in the late 1980's.

If only those stupid Tamil activists were using songs and words instead of weapons... From what I heard the regular army is finally near of crushing them once for all after years of fighting.


Anonymous said...

There's a buzz now regarding her support on some crazy shit on siri lanka.

I like her music and the beat but now I'm kinda suspicious about her position.

Anonymous said...

Universal Music Group pulled her song off the trailer of their new film Pineapple Express... is this the start of the end of MIA's music career in the US?

Rumor has it that Canada is strongly considering banning MIA from entering the country due to her possible terrorist connections.

The US refused MIA's visa numerous times, they need to yank it out of her hand on her way out of the country!