Friday, July 18, 2008

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Trailer

The teaser of Harry Potter 6, aka Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince has surfaced on the web.

Enjoy below the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince trailer:

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Teaser Trailer

Dumbledore: Once again I must ask you to do the impossible too much of you Harry.


For the full length Harry Potter 6 trailer we will have to wait for the Mummy 3: according to the rumor it should be shown in front of this movie starring Brendan Fraser.

Really impatient to see a real Harry Potter Half Blood Prince trailer because this teaser is just fueling my impatience!


Anonymous said...

I think Dumbledore is saying, "Once again I must ask too much of you, Harry."

Anonymous said...

He is saying "Once again I must ask too much of you Harry"

Anonymous said...

well durrr... that is one of the most famous quotes from that book.

Anonymous said...

Now Thats What You call a TEASER Trailer ... ^.^

Thatissodamnedfunny said...

*Warning, this teaser trailer will really tease you untill the real trailer comes out*

*the real trailer will tease you double then*

Anonymous said...

WOW!thats what i call a teaser trailer ;)
too bad it stilll isnt out yet!
the movie The Dark Knight was amazing and the 2 movies i am soo waitin for is TWILIGHT AND HARRY POTTER..... so come on!=D

love it!

Anonymous said...

is that just intentionally infuriating?
gahh this is torture, i can't wait

oh I JUST LOVE DUMBLEDORE, i really really do.