Sunday, June 1, 2008

Up Is The Next Pixar Movie

Up Movie in 2009Disney Pixar is already working on UP, its 2009 feature film release.

Up A Disney Pixar Movie in May 2009

In Up, a young boy helps an old man to reignite his dream of being an adventurer like Indiana jones.

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Anonymous said...

The first film i ever saw in theatre was Toy Story when i was three. And ever since i have made it a precedent to see these films. After learning about how they made these wonderful and meaningful stories I have looked into their programs, and internships and is currently my goal in the next few years after graduating from college. I know they have probably only been working on this film for a few months but i almost depend on them for a new movie that will uplift me and get me through part of the school year.

Hopefully things unravel the right way and working with a company like this would be a possibility further on.