Monday, June 30, 2008

National Treasure 2 Book Of Secrets Page 47

Page 47 of the Books of Secret - National Treasure 2I just watched National Treasure 2. The trailer did not convince me to watch the movie last December but had the occasion to watch the film yesterday. And except a lengthy start National Treasure 2 progressively kicks into high gear with some impressive scenes.

The idea of a Book of Secrets, a book kept by US presidents for US presidents' eyes only, is mesmerizing even if a bit farfetched.

Who would resist to having a look to a book that is said to contains the answers for the biggest coverups in American history after all!

An what about this mysterious page 47 of the book of secrets? Does any of you have an idea? Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) said at the end of National Treasure 2 that Page 47 is 'life-altering'...

That promises a lot for National Treasure 3!

I am now impatient to know more about this third National treasure movie. Let's hope that Jon Turteltaub and Nicolas cage will bring some incredible surprise from the page 47 of the book of secrets!

Maybe are they going to link the All Seeing Eye - the pyramid on the U.S. One Dollar Bill - to some mysterious treasure in Egypt. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

It refers to the legendary Fountain of Youth, searched for in Florida by Ponce de Leon.

Anonymous said...

The Fountain of youth seems to be the rumor but as one comment pointed out, If Disney episodes goes it was reference it was done in Pirates. Now beleive it Area 51 because if you pause it on the dvd at the phone picture the Ben Gates takes and zoom in you will see clear as day "51" but it could be 51 pictures who knows?